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S.No. Volume-1, Issue-1, December 2021
Published By: RayatBahra International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research
Page No.
1 Authors: Mandeep Kaur, Simerjit Kaur, Parvinder Singh 1 – 13
Paper Title: Assessment of Bioremediation in Industrial Effluent Treatment and Environmental Safety
2 Authors: Geetanjali Sharma, Shakha Sharda 14 – 19
Paper Title: Estimation of Water Quality Index (WQI) and its precision on groundwater in parts of Faridkot district, Punjab, India
3 Authors: Nitin Kumar, Mandeep Rana, Ramica Sharma, Gurfateh Singh 20 – 29
Paper Title: Modulatory Potentials of Voglibose Along With Probiotic in Diabetic Rats
4 Authors: Sunil Kumar, Ayushi Sharma, Simerjit Kaur, Basoor K. Manpreet 30 – 39
Paper Title: EMG Activity of Outer Unit Musculature in Patients with Non-Specific Low Back Pain
5 Authors: Harpreet Kaur Sangha, Manoj Kumar Katual, Chander Mohan, Gurfateh Singh 40 – 49
Paper Title: A Current Prospective On Nano-Carriers For Mitigation Of Neuro- Dysfunction Disorders
6 Authors: C.P.Gandhi 50 – 64
Paper Title: A Neutrosophic Cross Entropy Measure for MADM Using Fuzzy Weighted Ideal Alternative vectors
7 Authors: Vishal Anand, Mukesh Kumar 65 – 76
Paper Title: Corporate Social Responsibility in Haryana State – An Involvement of Indian Corporate Sector
8 Authors: Satpal 77 – 84
Paper Title: A Study on Awareness among Women Entrepreneurs Towards various government schemes in Punjab
9 Authors: Vinod Kumar, Sonia Vatta 85 – 92
Paper Title: A Review on Security Concepts in IoT
10 Authors: Deepak Bharti, Poonam Kukana 93 – 100
Paper Title: A Review on Things of Internet (IoT)
11 Authors: Kirandeep Kaur, Sonia Vatta 101 – 105
Paper Title: Computer-Aided Learning in Education
12 Authors: Sonia Vatta, Harmanpreet Kaur 106 – 111
Paper Title: Social IOT Trust Mechanism