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Aims & Scopes

The aim of the Rayat-Bahra International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (RBIJMR) is to provide the platform to educationists, research scholars, policymakers and society at large for publishing comprehensive, reliable and critical reviews of important contemporary researchin Multidisciplinary areas. Researchers from diverse fields get the opportunity to share information related to developments in the field of Multidisciplinary Research and its applications by emphasizing on the significance and relevance of published work.
The journal aims to publish research articles that could contribute significantly to knowledge, practice-based approach, interpretation and critical analysis of data and observations to reach at conclusive conclusions. The presentation of research work should render the article of interest to a wider audience than just specialists. Hence, the journal welcomes papers, both in theoretical and applied fields, of an original and expository type that addresses the issue of interdisciplinary nature and cross-curricular dimensions.