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S.No. Volume-2, Issue-1, June 2022
Published By: RayatBahra International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research
Page No.
1 Authors: Kritika, Vishal Anand 1 – 13
Paper Title: Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of ITC Ltd.
2 Authors: Saadat Saba, Simerjit kaur, Navdeep Kaur 14 – 21
Paper Title: A Review on Nutritional Requirements of Some Edible Mushrooms
3 Authors: Harpreet Singh Randhawa, Akash Kumar 20 – 28
Paper Title: Table Top Smart Factory (Industry 4.0) I4.0
4 Authors: Vanshika, Simerjit Kaur 29 – 39
Paper Title: Nutritional Value of Mushrooms: A Review
5 Authors: Nishi Goyal, Pooja Rani 40 – 51
Paper Title: A Review on Detection and Prevention of Attacks in MANET
6 Authors: Mukesh Kumar, Sukhjinder Kaur 52 – 61
Paper Title: Fifth Generation Cyber Attacks and Security: A Review
7 Authors: Ankit Sharma, Sukhjinder Kaur 62 – 69
Paper Title: A Review Paper on Computer Network and Cryptography
8 Authors: Arashpreet Kaur, Simerjit Kaur, Alice Sikhan 70 – 76
Paper Title: A Review on Ground Water Pollution of Chandigarh and Adjoining Areas
9 Authors: Sandeep Singh 77 – 81
Paper Title: Cloud Computing
10 Authors: Irfan Yusuf, Aatif Haqani, Varinder Singh, Navjot Singh Mahal 82 – 94
Paper Title: Impact Energy and Fracture Analysis of FDM Printed High Performance Nylon Composites
11 Authors: Daya Luxmi, Nihal, Harveen Kour, Mohmad Ashraf Mir, Ramica Sharma 95- 103
Paper Title: White Coat Hypertension: An Overview
12 Authors: Raveena, Nihal, Ramica Sharma 104 – 112
Paper Title: Sandalwood Oil: A Pandora Box
13 Authors: Harpreet Singh Dhami, Riya Midha, Gurpreet Kaur Randhawa 113-122
Paper Title: Evaluation and Comparison of Oral Health Concern in Rayat Bahra University, using Hiroshima University Dental Behavioural Inventory (Hu-Dbi)